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Mummy Laid An Egg

Mummy Laid An Egg

Children’s author, Babette Cole asked me to create an iOS app for her classic sex-education bestselling children’s book ‘Mummy Laid An Egg’.

Given budget was limited, it was agreed to re-use an already existing animation from the book proofs that Babette had commissioned.

My role as producer on this project, was to chase down assets and work with the developers to launch onto iTunes, along with the appropriate setting up for Babette’s developer account, metadata and so on.

The final app includes the narrated animation from Babette herself, and simple media buttons to cycle back and forth through the book, as well as a cheeky ‘farting babies’ game.

The video conversion work, basic programming and game were created by the ever trusty TWP.

The app is available for download on iTunes.