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FightBox - Kodiak


‘FightBox’ was a cross-platform TV show I exec-produced broadcast on BBC2 and BBC3 and part funded by BBC Worldwide. It was a creative collaboration with TV production company, Ricochet (now part of the Shed Group).

‘FightBox’ was an original idea, which combined PC gaming, Internet, TV and Augmented Reality.

Using a trailer broadcast some months ahead of the recording, viewers were encouraged to go onto the BBC FightBox website and download their ‘FightKit.

Once downloaded, a player could construct a virtual warrior and take it into a series of combat training exercises to generate a score which they could upload back to the BBC.

The top 100 players would then qualify for the TV Finals across 20 shows, within a specially constructed FightBox arena at BBC Centre, filmed in front of a live studio audience. The players would compete against each other in a number of contests while also fending off the Sentients, a group of ‘Gladiators’ style super warriors.

The eventual winner of the tournament would then have the honour of their warrior joining the order of the Sentients.

BBC Worldwide invested in the show format, producing the games engine which would then form the basis for commercial products – the PC, PS2 and Nintendo DS games.

Working closely with my co-exec, Nick Southgate at Ricochet, I oversaw the concept  and product development, characters and technology from early drawings through to the final recorded shows and then finally into the edit room.

FightBox was broadcast on BBC2 and later on BBC3.